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Pocket Sketch Workshop
Pocket Sketch Workshop with Kath Macaulay

June 24-26  $250.00

This quick-draw technique allows anyone to "journal" wherever they are using only a 4"x6" art pad, a pen, a small paint set, a brush and a film cansister for water. Perfect for hiking, sitting in a  care or standing in line - preserve a memory in 25 minutes or less.

With a pocket sketch, it's more about capturing the feel of a place rather than simply taking a camera image. This workshop is ideal for timid beginners who want to fearlessly paint in public or experienced artists who want minimal equipment with no clean-up.

Class is approaching quickly; contact us if you are interested. View more images and info at Kath's website!

Lian Zhen  

Chinese and Watercolor Painting Workshop 

Thurday, Oct. 9 – Sunday, October 12  COST: $375.00  FULL

Thurs, Nov 6 - Sunday Nov 9   COST $375.00   Accepting Registrations

Head to Lian's page for details

Italic Calligraphy classes this summer with Bridget Smith !bridget smith italic calligraphy

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with Barbara De Pirro

Saturday, August 9th 
1:00-3:30pm. $5.00!
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Maximizing Mixed Media Methods

with Chris Cozen

Oct 17 & 18, 2014

Visit our Event Page for registration