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Stan Miller class dates have been posted.

In the fall of 2015 Stan will have a 7 week Beg/Int Class, a 9 week Int/Advanced Class, and a 2-day Portrait Workshop in November.

View complete information on Stan's Page.

Pocket Sketching
with Kath Macaulay
Saturday, August 1-3

Perfect for hiking, biking, sitting in a cafe or just standing in line. Take anywhere, whip it out in a minute, preserve a memory in 25 minutes or less and put it all away with no mess.

Simple supply list; ideal for beginners who want to fearlessly paint in public. Two days indoors with the bulk of day three out and about.

Visit Kath's information page for complete information.

Thank you to everyone....

...for your thoughts and memories of Shirley Bird. She has some big shoes to fill both here and in the community.

Open Acrylic Painting
class with Pamee Hohner
Tuesday evenings at 6:00pm starting April 14th
$20.00 per class
Lian is unable to make it to Spokane this year. He has rescheduled us for September, 2016. More information to follow.
November 20th-22nd

Lian Zhen Watercolor Painting Workshop

Focus on composition, color, design and Lian's "Color Pouring and Blending" method. Talk design, critiques and finished paintings.
"Painting Life 
with Life"
Bev Jozwiak

October 9,10 &11

A no-nonsense approach to watercolor. Learn to paint boldly, think outside the box and paint outside the lines. The focus is on figures, animals with help for great skin tones, painting hair and so much more.

Workshop sponsored by the Spokane Watercolor Society.